In 2006, a group of young researchers that was led by Walter Flores came together to implement and Participatory Action-Research that sought to implement a participatory system of monitoring in rural health services. Our starting premise stated that the lack of trust in the population and in public servants […]

In order to fulfill our mission, CEGSS implements methodologies based on participatory action-research (PAR) that consists of:   Systematizing the local experience and carrying out collective analysis.   Linking analysis and reflection with action and organizes experiences, perceptions and facts to generate learning and knowledge.   Converts excluded communities into […]

Why is it important to talk about health system governance? When we speak of health system governance, we are going outside the box where public health institutions are there to render traditional health services. It is necessary to look and analyze the way the health system operates and to take […]

Walter G. Flores M. Director Walter has worked for over 20 years as a researcher, lecturer, international consultant and project manager in health systems research. He has worked in over 25 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Walter holds a BA in Psychology from Cal-State […]

  Through our research and capacity building, CEGSS has an impact on: Democratization of knowledge Fortalecimiento de la gobernanza democrática del sistema de salud:         – Transparency         – Accountability         – Citizen participation    

Our main interest is to study inequalities in health, social exclusion and its determinants.  Knowledge is generated through collective action, and is mediated through economic, social and political contexts. The status quo and power relations allow some population groups to become better off and make others suffer social exclusion, we […]

  Unlike other organizations that do academic research, CEGSS aims to go beyond the publication of our findings and results in scientific journals. To us, publishing is only one step in a larger process that includes: a) Transferring the knowledge generated through research to the population groups that are directly […]

a) To carry out projects and implement programs of academic research where applied social sciences can be used to better understand equity and governance in health systems. b) To build capacities among researchers and students through workshops and internship programs. c) To support the development of young researchers through supervision […]